An Era Has Passed. . .



It’s over, folks…yes, it’s over. . .Glenn Beck is going off the air at FOX News…i don’t know if it was his ‘ass surgery’, his ‘possible blindness’, or his ‘numbness in his hands and feet’. Maybe George Soros bribed Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. Maybe President Obama’s ‘deep-seated hatred for white culture’ led him to pressure FOX to shut him down. Maybe he lost his ‘supporter in the Vatican’, or God gave him a new revelation which requires a retreat from society.

Quien sabe?

We’ll miss his flights of fancy, imagination, and his impending doomsday, which changed with every episode. We’ll miss his innumerable costume changes: Moses, Fascist goose-stepper, Founding Father and so many more. We’ll lament that he no longer reveals the true enemies of America. We’ll miss his relentless progressive hunting and his endless warnings against the Marxist-socialist-atheist-Islamic-liberal monsters that seek your death and destruction.

And of course we’ll miss the magic chalkboard he inherited from the Reverend Dr Gene Scott…



But there’s no need to despair: The Chosen’s One’s golden words have been saved for posterity! For those who want more, here’s a selection of the Beckerwood’s ruminations…

And then there are the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Generators at

They should provide endless hours of entertainment.



“Yes, he’s gone, folks, but you can still play the game! Generate a conspiracy and attach it to a picture of the survivalist-doomsday prophet-political savant-televangelist Glenn Beck himself! In fact, make a lot of them. print them out and cut them into playing cards. Shuffle them every day and choose one for your Conspiracy of the Day! It’ll be just like he never left!”

“THIS JUST IN. . .shares in Vick’s VaporRub plummeted as news of Beck’s cancellation spread across the country…Wall Street very worried…”

~ by okami on 2011/04/08.

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